Gus And The Groom

You know, I love my people. They provide me with a place to live, food to eat and lots of toys to play with. In every aspect of my life, they seem to be right on top of it all. Looking at the ingredients in my food and making sure it’s made right here in America; taking me to the vet to make sure I don’t catch anything I shouldn’t (Don’t really like this, but I understand); and even taking me to the park to play with my friends. There’s just one area that I wish they’d ask more questions about and that’s the groomers.

I don’t feel the love when I go there; and I’m a friendly guy! I’m just led in and stuck in a cage and I sit there until someone comes by and takes me to get bathed (which I normally like outside or in the shower with dad). Then after that I’m put in another big cage with this big snake attached to the front of it that breathes air on me out of its big ole mouth! I just sit as far back in the cage as I can until someone comes to get me. I see my friends there, too. But we never get to say, Hi.
I’m not crazy about the whole grooming process anyway. I think that I smell just fine. I mean, like just last week, I found purple poop from a sick bird and just rolled, and rolled, and rolled around in it…MmmMmmm, it was heaven! Walked inside to share the treasure with my people…and they rebuffed me!…the nerve.

Anyway, some of the questions I’d like to see my people ask prospective grooming shops are:
• How long will he be here today?
• What shots does he need to have to be here?
• Do you put him in a cage while he waits?
• Do you use box dryers or cage dryers? If so, how is the time monitored?
• What shampoo will you be using on him?
• May I see where you will be grooming him? Bathing him? Drying him?

Some of the questions I’d like to hear the grooming shops ask my people are:
• Does he have any skin allergies or illnesses?
• Does he have any food allergies (obviously because they serve treats)?
• Is there anything that he likes or doesn’t like about the grooming process?
• We need a copy of his rabies shots (Vets are happy to email them).
• Does he like other dogs? People?

I know my people love me. And, I know if they knew to ask these questions they would because my people are AWESOME!!! Happy trails until next time everybody!

GUS the Golden Retriever